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What was my why again?

The baby just woke up from his nap, in my arms, so forgive me for any errors. Typing with a wiggly 8 month in your arms isn’t exactly an easy task however, I had something on my mind and decided Id better type it down before I talk myself out of typing this. Its not an easy thing to talk about but I know if Im struggling, someone else is too so maybe this is something you need to hear as well…

Going from someone who never exercised or wasn’t concerned with what food I was putting into my body – to someone who is really active and now refuses to eat meat, even Im amazed at the changes Ive seen. I feel more confident and stronger! Im ready to kick each day’s butt. But then when life throws a curve ball, its humbling and reminds me of why I even started this process. My family! I want to be able to give 100% of myself to my family, to be an active part of my children’s lives, and to live a long life with my husband. And simply put, I cant do that if I don’t take care of myself.

This all smacked me in the face over the weekend. I got a phone call on Saturday night: my beloved mama is in the ER, she is having stomach pains, something about her colon dying, and shes going to have emergency surgery. The exact details of the situation then were fuzzy but we knew it was serous. Um, what? What did you just say?! My mother? No, it cant be.. my mama is super woman. Shes like the Energy Bunny + Martha Stewart. She goes constantly, her house is immaculate, she takes care of everyone, never stops and multi-tasks like a pro, and whenever she does get sick- you still cant knock her down. This woman has gone through so much in her life and she just picks herself up and keeps going. She started her Saturday with some shopping at Kohls and she ended her Saturday with having some 11 inches of her colon removed.

Visiting her in the hospital, seeing her laying in the bed after such an invasive emergency surgery, hardest thing in my life that Ive had to do. Hands down. Shes so strong but to see her so weak, it was heartbreaking. And to hear how serious the situation was, if she had not gotten to the hospital for them to do the surgery in time and her colon ruptured, she would have died. My mom has always been pretty healthy but if circumstances were different, she might not be here with us.

My family has been blessed, in that my mom is doing fantastic! Her recovery is going slow but shes doing such a good job, even the nurses have commented about how great of a patient she’s been. Which is not unexpected news because she will not let this get her down, I told her I bet she will be running laps around the hospital! My mom makes emergency surgery look like a piece of cake. God is good and He most definitely answered our prayers.

Im the first to admit that I have not always been health conscious. My young adult life was spent figuring out this marriage, college, and mom thing so taking care of myself was not important to me, at all. Ive shared before … the result of those decisions landed me with my priorities out of whack, pretty unhappy about myself, and according to that stupid BMI chart, in the “obese” weight range (omgosh, I hate admitting that- but its true). I finally got to the point where the Lord showed me, “ cant continue like this!” So ever since summer of 2013 when I cut meat out of my diet, Ive determined to do something about it.

It sounds kind of trite to say but on Saturday I was hit right in the face with how important my health really is, a needed reminder of why I started this process. To be there for my family. Change is never easy, nor is it quick. Sometimes there are challenges you have to face or you might get a little off track. Such a decision requires you to totally change your way of thinking, your relationship with foods, your way of living, and you reevaluate your priorities. But keeping your focus and remembering your why will help you succeed. To be there completely for my family, yeah, Id say this change is totally worth it.

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Why rain? Why!

Today has been a pretty crappy day as far as the weather goes, it’s cold, raining and pretty dark. Perfect weather to curl up on the couch watching Bones marathon, eating some Cheetos, snuggled up in my favorite Clemson hoodie.
(Cheetos.. Uh. Did I just say Cheetos? Hahaha)
I had put all of the children down for a nap (yes ALL of them asleep!) and I was goofing around, looking at Facebook and stalking some of my favorite fitness gals on Instagram. After looking at their inspirational posts I decided to throw my clothes on and go to the gym! Rest day.. Nah! 45 minutes later and I’m done.

It must have been divine intervention because while driving back home my jam came on the radio!! Bruno Mars..I love me some Bruno Mars. He just released this new song and it’s perfect workout! Here is the link to the video. (But of course go watch it after you finish reading this, lol.) He is my fave and gets me pumped up.

So find someone who inspires you, take their lead, put on your favorite jam, and get after it. Go move your butt!

Oh a little pro tip for you … if you’re on the treadmill or elliptical and your beat drops, make sure you hold on or you might accidentally fall off. Woops!! 😀 Not like I have any experience or anything….

Would You Be Shocked?

Would you be shocked if I told you that I do not feel like working out today? In no shape or form do I want to go work out. I turned off my alarms and slept in this morning. I told myself that Id go to my box (aka Crossfit gym) once my hubby gets home but I really want to just.. skip it.  I didn’t get any sleep last night. And no, Im not being dramatic, I really got very little-no sleep. The baby (who, at 22 months old, is no longer a baby) did not sleep so I didn’t either. Her internal alarm clock woke her up at least once every hour. It was at 4:30am when I finally had to drag my butt to bed and asked my hubby to go deal with her. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. Sleep and I use to get along so wonderfully, we were BFFs, but not any longer. Boo!

Ive been in a foul mood all day, trying to talk myself into vegging out. I know Ill be in a worse mood if I do that so Im left with no choice but to put on my gym clothes (which are waiting for me by my front door) once my hubby comes home and go Crossfit anyways. A good sleep schedule is vital for athletes; its commonly known that a pattern lack of sleep contributes to obesity, impairs your body’s ability to repair itself, and can cause you to crave those naughty foods … But whining and complaining about my lack of sleep wont do me any good. I feel fine, considering, so why not go kick some Crossfit butt?! Woot!

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Why Do Squats?

How about a little Motivation Monday?!? 😀 Because.. Not a single squat was given that day! ❤

Did y’all see the VMAs last night? I sure didn’t. I was in bed at 9 so I could get up at 5 this morning to go to Crossfit!!! Hahaha. Thanks to last night’s VMS performance by Miley Cyrus, today has been dubbed National Squat Day. (Which is funny because I did squats today in my workout!) Miley was a hot mess last night, which isn’t surprising! I youtubed her performance…please learn from my mistake and do not YouTube it! Thats 6 mins of your life that you’ve waisted and you’ll never be able to get back. People mag had it right when they tweeted and said her performance was like what Build-A-Bear workshop looks like in hell!!!!

The thing that stood out about Miley … her bum. Or lack of a bum. Now I’m not usually one to poke fun at how others look. But come on now, this is Miley Cyrus and she’s totally done it to herself! I ❤ squats but Miley must not.

If you want to have a nice round bum, you’ve got to do squats! If not, you’ll have Mileybutt …and that’s just not attractive.

Ok now I’m warning you. If you don’t want to see the Mileybutt, look away… 😛


See. I told you it was ugly.

Her bum is the reason why we should all do squats. So do yourself a favor. Go ahead. Get off your butt and do 40 squats! ……. There!
That wasnt so hard!
And for those of you who aren’t sure how to do a proper squat, this is a good resource! 23 Ways to Improve Your Squat Don’t just do any ole squat, make sure you are using proper form. A lazy squat is a sucky one!

Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 14

Oh my. Im almost too tired to type this blog right now. Today is day 3 of P90X. Its been 3 days… how can a person be so sore after only working out for 3 days straight?! Last night I was so sore it was hard for me to relax enough to go to sleep. Ah! Sore is good tho, sore means its working!!! Woot! I just need to remind myself this in a couple of weeks when I feel like Im going to die! Lol.

Actually, one of the ladies in my workout support facebook group posted this saying. I wonder if its true??! I shall see….

Time To Get Stronger!!

Time To Get Stronger!!

As far as this week’s Weigh In goes. I have some exciting news! Im saying good.bye. to the 180’s forever! … This morning Im at 179lbs. Thats a 2lb loss from last week. Man, Im so stoked! 179lbs may not be a big deal to some but it is for me… 2 more pounds and Ill be at -50lbs, which is halfway to my goal! Im really looking forward to the 160’s. I havent been in the 160’s since I delivered the child *and that was over 7 years ago*! Im hoping to lose 20lbs by the time Im done with P90X, I think thats a very reasonable goal. Its all about baby steps. It’s overwhelming to think, “Well Dang! I have 100lbs to lose!” Its almost impossible to find the motivation to get moving when you are staring up at that HUGE mountain youve got to climb. But if you think in 20 or even 10 pounds, something thats totally more manageable, then you get excited to hit that mark! Keep your eyes focused on the next hill (or even rock!) and then before you know it, youre on the other side of that mountain… Im almost at the top of my mountain and I could not be more excited and proud of myself!

I can and will do this!

I can and will do this!

Weight Loss This Week: 2 lbs
Complete Loss: 48lbs

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