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Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 6

Its Weigh in Wednesday time! Week 6.

Good morning!! Yall should feel special! I woke up to get the child off to school and instead of crawling back into bed, where the baby is sweetly sleeping away, I made myself breakfast (oatmeal) and decided to go ahead and blog. However, I warn you– I am very tired and cannot be held accountable for any typos or spelling errors. 😛

This week I battled sickness! Boooo! I went running Friday afternoon and woke up Saturday with a stuffy face and sore throat. Attack of the allergies. Over the weekend I was like a bump on a log– I didnt do much of anything (with the exception of constantly blowing my nose). Thankfully my BFF Dr Julie (awesome pharmacist) told me which meds to take and Im feeling much better. I was even feeling well enough yesterday to go running! When I weighed myself this morning I was expecting another zero weigh loss but I was pleasantly surprised to see the number 2 lbs lighter! 🙂

The tally so far:

  • Complete weight lost (since my heaviest, right when I delivered the baby): 32lbs
  • Total weight loss (since starting my diet): 21lbs
  • Weight loss this week: 2lbs
  • Pounds left to go until Im at pre-pregnancy weight: 10lbs

Woohoo! Im officially past the hump of loosing 20lbs and only have 10 more lbs to go before being at my prebaby weight. My goal was to finish loosing that weight before Thanksgiving. 5 weeks.. Thats do-able! I got this! 😀 And then, of course continue to lose through the holiday season and on into the new year. Which Im expecting is going to be a bit difficult (dont people tend to put on weight during the holidays?!) but not impossible.

I think the big thing thats going to keep me on track is my running. Im on Couch25K week 2 and have 7 more weeks to go until Im done. The first week in December! Then I plan on running in a 5K race and continuing on. For my first race Im running the First Flight– its a 5k the night of New Years Eve. So while you lazy-bones are watching the ball drop on tv, Ill be racing into the new year!!! 😛

2013 new year cards


Note: Friends, if you want to join me, theres still plenty of time to start training! Im always looking for an exercise buddy. Let me know and Ill give you the race details…

Lets Kick It

Lets Kick It


Weight Loss This Week: 2 lbs
 Total Loss: 21lbs


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