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Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 20

Dude, Ive got to start using my blog for more then just weigh ins and the occasional chat post! I was going to post this weigh in yesterday, but it was late and I didn’t think anyone would read it.

I was struggling this week. Just annoyed at my ‘slow’ progress (or so I thought.. but really, any progress is better then no progress). After a mini breakdown I was able to snap myself out of my bad mood. When your trying to lose weight its really easy to start comparing yourself to others.. look at others who are more fit and get yourself down because youre not there yet. But several of my friends reminded me that Ive kicked butt so far! I will continue to kick butt! And I should be proud of what Ive accomplished. To quote her, Jenn said “If you dont take the time to appreciate what you have done already, you will be overly critical and fall back into old habits. Just enjoy what you have done and keep it up.”

That’s some good stuff, huh! I thought so too! I am overly critical and don’t give myself enough credit. I also am focusing too much on the scale. Since this time last month Ive only managed to lose 5 lbs (which I was annoyed about) BUT I did lose 3 inches off my waist. I guess Im losing fat and building muscle which is why the scale hasn’t been more friendly to me.

Speaking of, the scale yesterday read 173! Good bye another 2 lbs! What really helped me get my head back into it was planning my meals out & counting calories. Now I know, counting cals is no fun.. I hate math! But I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and it really is easy! Now I can see where my nutrition is going and how I can improve. I plan the days food out the night before, that way I can make sure Im getting everything. Im still having problems hitting my calorie goal, I tend to eat not enough calories (maybe that’s also why the lbs haven’t been flying off??) but all of the other aspects of my nutrition are great. My vit levels are through the roof!! Really, if you want to lose weight log what you eat for a few days so then you can see where your at. Maybe theres somewhere you could be doing better at? For me, its upping my cal intake but not at the expense of fat, and making sure I get enough protein!

Just an idea of where Im at, here are my numbers from today and consuming 1400 calories:

And because I was curious, heres what my normal day would have been before going veg. Yeah… eating 2530 calories with no exercise!
(I ate like that all the time, no wonder why I gained so much weight!)

And finally, heres a visual of what that did to me! (Side note, I never ever took full body pics so Im surprised that I have this. And I hate showing it but its helpful for me to see the difference. Maybe itll be helpful to someone else too?)

This is me today @ 173lbsafter1

This is me summer of 09. I think (??) right around 190lbs.

Weight Loss This Week: 2 lb
Complete Loss: 54lbs
Weight: 173lbs


Want to Hear a Funny Story?

How many people do you think have given themselves a concussion while working out?! Well I can say Im one of the few that have! Lol. I can see the headlines now: “Woman’s Quest to get Healthy Ends in Tragedy; Death by Resistance Band” Watch out, those resistance bands will get ya. In a previous blog I said Id tell yall about how the bands attacked me, well here ya go…

Yeah, it hurt!

Yeah, it hurt!

I had been using my resistance bands for the pull-ups (my little arm muscles arnt strong enough to do a ‘real’ pull-up yet), you attach the band onto your pull up bar or onto the top of a door, get down into a lunge, and then pull down on the band. Its a great option for those of us who cant do the real thing. I guess I was going it the wrong way (??) because when I pulled down the band SNAPPED off.Stupid band.The band part hit me on top of my head, where my hair line is, and on the tops of my shoulders, & the handle hit me in my right eye.

I don’t remember too much, just getting set up to do the exercise and then I woke up, me sprawled out on my back, and my niece standing over me. I was really confused and dizzy, my head and eye hurt really bad, and had that weird buzzz sound in my ears. Thankfully she was in the living room with me so she was able to help me out, she got me some ice for my head, helped me sit up, and then of course…. laughed at me & took a pic of me in my disabled state! 😛

See the red welt? (PS, my arm is lookin pretty good!!! nice and skinny!)

An after pic. See the red welt? (PS, my arm is lookin pretty good!!!)

The band left a crazy welt on my arms and gave me a knot on my head. and I was still kinda wobbly the next day but aside from that I was fine! The hubby says I can use my concussion as an excuse for whenever I do something weird/crazy now. LOL. (Me act crazy, never!!)

Im pretty clumsy anyways.. Im always cutting myself from chopping veggies, I run into stuff, drop stuff, banging my knee into things (omgosh that hurts so bad!!), stumping my toe. Its a miracle that I have never had a bad injury and never broken a bone!

I think Ill stick to doing pull-ups the normal way. Of course that means using a chair as support.. watch me kick the chair from under myself and dislocate my shoulder! Oh goodness, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself! 😛

Can I Have a Moment?

I’m on my iPad so forgive and typing errors. I tend to leave out letters and my iPad doesn’t catch it. Plus I sliced my pointer finger so I can’t really type.

Anywho, can I take a moment? I need a moment here to whine. I know, I know, no one likes a whiner. And being anything but positive isn’t helpful. But this is my blog and I can whine if I want to, whine if I want to, whine if I want to! (See what I did there?! Lol)

I try and be a positive person… Right now I’m positive that I suck. 😛 Isn’t that awful to say? Hahaha. Funny. But not so funny. I’m just frustrated. And I knew it was coming. My friend who challenged me to do the P90X mentioned that this was going to come. My wall. Stupid wall. Today is Week 7 Day 1 of the P90X challenge and I’ve managed to lose a very insignificant amount of weight. I measured today and I’m down 2 inches around my waist. Meh.

The positive side of my brain knows any loss is fantastic! It sure is better then gaining! And just getting this far in the program is great. Not to mention, that I eat vegan 90%-95% of the time. All the time. That’s total rock star! Woo-freakin-hoo.

But the negative side of my brain is louder tonight. 52lbs down but i know the next 48lbs are going to take for.ever. Since last Monday I’ve tried to ‘eat clean’ (whatever that means?? I’m still figuring it out) and its freakin hard!!! Little to no oil, no grains. Focus on veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds. I’m ending up thinking about food all the time! What am I going to cook today? What about a snack? Thinking about all the foods I can’t have that I want to have (cheese cake, anyone?). Or about the foods I can have but now I don’t want them. Ahhhh. It’s tiring. Add in all of my other responsibilities… I’m so tired.

It would be easier to quit. To justify that I’ve already done a great job so, eh, it’s ok. Don’t get all the way to my goal, who cares! I’ve done good so it’ll be fine to stop now.

I have so far to go. I don’t know if I can do it. What if I never get there. 😦

Stupid wall….

(Can someone bring me a slice of pizza?? …If you love me… Or a cookie, I’d accept a cookie too!)


Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 16 and 17

Woah! I don’t know what happened to last week’s post! I wrote it and then.. its gone? Maybe I didn’t press publish and somehow managed to delete it? I can be kinda ditzy sometimes so it wouldnt surprise me. Lol. I was really excited last Wed because I was 177, which means I had lost exactly 50lbs! But… Im not so excited about this Wed because Im 179. I gained 2 lbs! What gives? I was hoping to be 175 by Easter Sunday but I don’t think I can to that in a healthy way now. Im sure if I restrict like crazy I could get there, no prob. But going that route is not an option…that’s a scary and dangerous road to go down. Ill shoot for 175 by next week! And Im going to shoot for under 170 by May 1st!

I guess the gain is because of diet. Ive been slacking a bit in my eating. I could do better and make more healthy choices. Yes… veg’s can eat crappy too! I got kind of relaxed about portion size. Exercising has made me hungry! Im hungry all the time and have been snacking more at night. Remember when I said I was going to eat raw lunched for Lent.. (whichever post that was??) ..well I have not been as strict about that as I should have. Gosh, its so easy to slack off. A little slip here, a little slip there. You let your guard down and before you know it you’ve eaten half your body weight in cookies! 😛 Lol. Not really, but you get what I mean… Its easy to turn back to your old self. And my old self had no problem eating an entire sleeve of oreos. No bueno!

"They" say diet is 80% and exercise is 20% of weight loss, I wonder if that's true...

“They” say diet is 80% and exercise is 20% of weight loss, I wonder if that’s true…

As far as exercising. This P90X thing is going wonderfully! Im following the Lean schedule. I get 1 rest day per week, the other days I have to work out. And guess what, yesterday was Week 4 Day 1! 4 weeks of working out, perfectly, no cheating, no slacking off. I don’t think Ive ever gone that long before. I really do think I can finish the program with no problems and am excited for the end. I haven’t really been running that much since the p90X so after its over Im going to start hardcore training for my half marathon. Have you noticed that Im always thinking ahead? It helps me to keep my motivation up. Always have a goal to strive towards, that’s something my father in law has taught me.

Goals are what keeps me going...

Goals are what keeps me going…


Weight Loss This Week: 0 lbs
Complete Loss: 48lbs

Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 15

Woohoo. Another week passes, another weigh in down. I didnt lose any pounds this week, still at 179lbs. But! Thats OK. Im not stressin over it. I did fantastic with my first week in P90X. Today is Week 2 day 3 and Im really sore. When is this soreness suppose to go away?! It feels like Ill never stop hurting. No pain, no gain. Eh? I killed the Kenpo dvd! That felt great and is by far my fav workout. The weight lifting workouts are my least fav because they are kinda boring! But I bet I wont feel that way 2 months from now when my arm muscles are more defined.

Ive had a few people ask me if its as hard as it seems… Its as hard as you make it… I can but very little effort into the workout, fly through it, and finish it with no problem. Or I can work out hard, drip sweat, and feel like Im going to die. I choose the latter. Why spend the time messing around if youre just going to goof off?! You wont see results that way. Im not just doing it to say that I did it, Im doin it because I want a super sexy bod at the end of the 90 days! 😉 I wouldnt recommend doing P90X if you really dont think you will work out every day! Tony Horton is cray! But there is a method behind the madness. If youre skipping work out days you might as well just quit. And I am.not.a.quitter.

Actually, this Saturday Im running in my 2nd race. Its a fun color 5K run. The child and a friend of mine will be going with me. Im really pumped! (Lots of pics to come! Im sure we will look ridic!) Then that afternoon my BFF’s hubby, who is a 2nd degree black belt Kenpo karate instructor, has graciously offered to let me take a class with him. I want to learn how to throw punches and kicks with the proper form. (2nd degree black belt, how kickbutt does that sound!!!) And then the next Saturday, the 23rd Ill be running in another 5K race, that one is super important to me (Ill give details later). So yeah, busy girl! Maybe next Wed Ill have better weight loss success.

The main reason Im not bumbed about the lbs this week is because I have fab news! I tried some of my old clothes on and they fit! Like, they are inches too big! I didnt believe it, I was shocked. It started with me trying on my Easter dress from last year because I wanted to see if I needed to buy a new one for this year, or if I could get away with wearing that one. Well yeah, theres no way Ill be able to wear it! And then I tried on my other summer clothes from last year… its all to big! WOOT! unfortunately, the clothes I have that are a smaller size are still too small.. but just by a tad so thats more encouragement for me to keep going. Just Keep Going!

Easter Dress '12

Easter Dress ’12

Too Big... YES

Too Big… YES

Yeah, skirt it too big too!

Yeah, skirt it too big too!

Weight Loss This Week: 0 lbs
Complete Loss: 48lbs

Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 14

Oh my. Im almost too tired to type this blog right now. Today is day 3 of P90X. Its been 3 days… how can a person be so sore after only working out for 3 days straight?! Last night I was so sore it was hard for me to relax enough to go to sleep. Ah! Sore is good tho, sore means its working!!! Woot! I just need to remind myself this in a couple of weeks when I feel like Im going to die! Lol.

Actually, one of the ladies in my workout support facebook group posted this saying. I wonder if its true??! I shall see….

Time To Get Stronger!!

Time To Get Stronger!!

As far as this week’s Weigh In goes. I have some exciting news! Im saying good.bye. to the 180’s forever! … This morning Im at 179lbs. Thats a 2lb loss from last week. Man, Im so stoked! 179lbs may not be a big deal to some but it is for me… 2 more pounds and Ill be at -50lbs, which is halfway to my goal! Im really looking forward to the 160’s. I havent been in the 160’s since I delivered the child *and that was over 7 years ago*! Im hoping to lose 20lbs by the time Im done with P90X, I think thats a very reasonable goal. Its all about baby steps. It’s overwhelming to think, “Well Dang! I have 100lbs to lose!” Its almost impossible to find the motivation to get moving when you are staring up at that HUGE mountain youve got to climb. But if you think in 20 or even 10 pounds, something thats totally more manageable, then you get excited to hit that mark! Keep your eyes focused on the next hill (or even rock!) and then before you know it, youre on the other side of that mountain… Im almost at the top of my mountain and I could not be more excited and proud of myself!

I can and will do this!

I can and will do this!

Weight Loss This Week: 2 lbs
Complete Loss: 48lbs

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