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What Am I?

Im writing this blog post as the baby is trying to go to sleep. Its 10:00pm here… she should be asleep nice and cozy in her crib! But she has other ideas about sleep. This girl just doesnt like to sleep. She will be a year old on the 14th of Nov.. and at night time, she hasnt slept more than 4 hours at a time and she usually wakes up every 2 hours to nurse.. Im slowly dying inside 😛 Ahhhhhh. Not really! But I am *always* in varying states of sleep deprived zombie-ness. Better watch out or one day I might snap and eat your face off. Hahaha 😉

//30 mins later\\ Woohoo! After a good rock, the babe is sweetly dreaming away in her crib! Now for the point of this post, Operation Waste Less Food is going very well! Ive been cooking some interesting things. Interesting, but yummy! Ive got like, 5 different recipes to post. :O For the people who blog professionally, I wonder how they find the time to write so much! I said I was going to post my recipes tonight but Im too tired. Tomorrow! 😀 Promise.

Today the baby had a first, her first real taste of pineapple. We’ve given it to her before but she wasnt interested in it. But this afternoon I was snacking on an pineapple and she was asking for some, “MMM! Mmmmm! Mumma! Mum! Mama!!” She went crazy over it! 🙂 I gave her a chunk.. she sucked the juice out of it, spit it out, and begged for more. Silly Baby! And I just realized that Ive never posted her pic! So here she is, asking for some more.

More, Please!

More, Please!

And finally… last night I had a pescitarian dish, as in I ate fish. The family and I went to Key Largo twice over the summer and the husband caught some fish and lobsters. So last night we had fish, lobster, chickpeas with tomatoes, and red potatoes. You might be saying to yourself, But I thought vegetarians don’t eat fish! That is very true, but like I said in my Why Vegetarian Pt 1 post, there are different “levels” of veg eating, pescitarians are the first “level” and do eat fish. Ill have it every now and again, sometimes if Im eating out at a restaurant. I see my new way of eating as a journey and Im still trying to figure things out.. you know? I know I don’t want to drink cows milk, and don’t want to eat eggs – cows milk is very unhealthy and eggs are just kinda weird. Cheese is not exactly healthy, but its so tasty. And Im not opposed to eating fish every once in a blue moon, as long as its not the kind that’s high in mercury or ‘farmed’. So what does that make me? I don’t know! Im not quite sure where I fit in. :/

Who Am I?

Who/What Am I?


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