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What are your grand plans?

Im tired. I think I could start every single post off with, Im tired, is it bed time yet?!

It is bed time for the two oldest kids, the baby, however, will stay up probably another hour to party with us and then bed time. Winter is my favorite season because the sun goes down so much sooner. I get to throw the kids in bed earlier. Ha! Does that make me a bad mom? Lol. Nah…

Sleep and I are best friends. Always have been. Until I had kids! Our first was one was the exception, he was/is one of those dream kids that you wish you could have, slept wonderfully, skipped right over the terrible twos, wasn’t one to have tantrums, and was just an overall well-behaved child. Our second, well she made up for his awesomeness. Hah. Of course she is wonderful in her own way but that baby could run off no sleep at all. Two years, for the first two years of her life I got use to living in a perpetual state of sleep deprived mommy fog, the dark days. Our third tricked us, he started off pretty great but I have a feeling Im going to go back to sleepless nights. Teething, growth spurts, wonder weeks .. fun stuff! Its just one of those joys that comes with being a parent. (Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself to get through the days.)

Being that I have so much to do throughout the day, very little down time, and Im constantly running on very little sleep Im really trying to learn how to balance everything. Sometimes I fail miserably, like the other post about homeschooling and putting so much pressure on myself! Im the kind of person that likes to shoot for the moon with these elaborate plans. Which is just not working for me. Trying to pack too much into my days. Or looking at others not as inspiration, but as someone I need to strive to emulate. Or being overly critical of myself when I have bad days. Its just not healthy to be in that mindset. And its so terribly stressful!

What Im trying this week- back to basics. Do what I know and do it well. Don’t try and overshoot my goals. Don’t over complicate things for myself. Meal time doesn’t have to be this gourmet affair, simple foods can be delicious too! Exercise doesn’t have to be this big elaborate session, a workout that’s simple but preformed with hard work and consistency is what matters. Same goes with homeschooling and my expectations there. (Along with housework, but who am I kidding- getting laundry washed is a good day for me.)

So far Ive just been floating along. Going week to week with big goals and for the most part Ive been able to accomplish everything, but at what cost? Im frazzled. Im tired. I want to kick some butt, not just survive!

How will I plan? KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Pretty accurate. If you set your objectives too high then you wont be able to reach them. Goals are great. Unobtainable ones arnt. This week Im keeping it simple and not setting the bar out of my reach. There is a balance and if you cant find that balance between all of your responsibilities, you just might fall flat on your face.

Stop over-thinking and just do.


KISS keep it simple stupid


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