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Are You Hungry? Carrot and Sweet Pea Salad

Look whos writing again! I had some inspiration today, in the form of a sweet friend asking me to post this recipe from an Instagram lunch post. {HEY girl!!} Lunch was pretty basic, I havent gone to the grocery store this week so I have very little in my kitchen to choose from. I guess that makes for some super simple, yet creative meals. Lol.

carrot and pea salad

Carrot and Sweet Pea Salad
2 large carrot sticks
1/2 frozen sweet peas
3 Tbsp Hemp seeds
Balsamic Drizzle

Using a vegetable peeler, shred the carrots being careful to not nick your fingers! (Or use a vegetable spiralizer, that would make life a lot easier). Cook the sweet peas per the bag instructions (I heated mine up for 4 mins). Mix peas and carrots. Sprinkle with hemp seeds (I use Manitoba Harvest, it adds 10g of protein!). Squirt the balsamic drizzle on top, using a delicate touch because its concentrated and comes out fast. Eat and enjoy!

carrot and pea salad


Can You Forgive Me?

… Well, can you?? Ive been a naughty little blogger! Forgive me for being MIA! The fam and I took a road trip to Texas 2 weeks ago! Yes thats 900 miles in a car with a board 7 yr old, a sleepy 14 month old, and a husband who insisted on listening to the Les Meierables radio station on Pandora. 🙂 Needless to say, the trip was interesting (and FUN). The hubby was too busy doing work things so the children and I spent most of our time together. Have I mentioned how awesome my children are? They most def are! 🙂

((Adding their pics, just because I can, for a little mama-brag. Arnt they cute! The child (George) on the left. The baby (Bethany) on the right. Born 6 years apart but they look like twins!!))The kiddies
Last week the baby came down with something. Im still not 100% sure what exactly she had. She was really grumpy, had a low fever, runny/stuffy nose. I think she was just teething because her fever only lasted for 3 days and she still has the runny nose. Except now she is constantly chewing on her fingers. Poor girl! Its time for another tooth to come in. So yeah, we didnt get a whole lot of sleep last week. Annnd I might have been in a crappy mood, lol. When mama aint happy, no ones happy! I didnt think yall wanted to read blog posts full of crazy, running on no sleep mama rantings! 🙂

This week is going good. Im determined to get back into my normal routine. As of this morning im at 185lbs. Meh. Not shocked there. Actually surprised that Im a little higher than that.. stress, no sleep, and I do not mix! Im changing things up slightly. On top of running 3 days a week Im also going to be doing Jillian Michael’s shed and shred DVD workout (that’ll be fun… insert sarcasm). And Im going to eat raw lunches. RAW! I need to be eating more veggies and fruits. So Ill be posting raw recipes from time to time. Btw, Im so far behind on posting my recipes. Ack! Look out cuz Ill be posting quite a few in the next week. 🙂

And to leave yall with a little inspiration. This was sooo my past 2 weeks … but Ive got to keep going.
Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint!



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