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Wont You Go Away?

Rain, rain.. go away! AWAY!! And do not come back another day! Ack!

This past week it rained from Monday-Thursday. And not a dripdrop sprinkle kinda thing, I mean like woah my front yard turned into a lake, kinda thing. It was raining too hard for me to go running so I missed all of my runs. I could have worked out inside the house but the nasty weather put me in a nasty mood and I was not diggin a workout! The only thing I really wanted to do was sleep (when the exception of going out with my girlfriend on Thursday night, we went and saw the new Bradley Cooper movie. Silver Lining Playback. Loved it!!) because the weather was so crappy. Sleep and kill the son. Omgosh that child had so much energy from not being able to play outside, I was thiiiis close from pulling me hair out!

Anywho, yesterday the clouds went away and it was finally sunny outside. The fam and I went out for mexican (I got veggie fajita with rice, beans, and guacamole from the best mexican restaurant ever. Yumm!) and then visited a speciality running store. Ive been running in 3 year old Nike Shocks. After doing some research I decided that if I was serious about this running business I really needed to get some hot new shoes. The lady in the running store watched me walk, measured my feet, and let me run down the block in the various running shoes so I could pick the best ones for my feet. I tried on New Balance, Saucony, and Nike. The NB and Saucony were big in the heel & I didnt like the way they felt. The Nike’s fit great, they were the lightest weight out of the 3 brands. The lady who helped me said when you pick running shoes you need them to be roomy in the toe because your feet swell when you run. The Nike’s are nice and snug in the heel but not too tight in the toe. I have huge feet, size 11, so they only had 1 color option. Black with a pop of blue. Next time Im in the market for shoes Im going to order them off the internet so I can get the color I want. I went to the store, you can build your own shoe with the colors you want! Can you say… bright rainbow shoes!!! 😀 The custom shoe is a little more $$ but thats ok. Dont ya know, bright shoes make you go faster! 😉

I tried the Nike LunarGlide+4 shoes out this afternoon, I liked them! They had a good bounce to them and I could totally tell how light weight they are… However, I so was not diggin the run. I wanted to quit half way through. My legs were sore, I was tired, and I bet the few days I took off from exercising this week made me a bit slow. BUT … I kept going! I pushed through and finished. …Now its dinner time and Im too tired to cook! Hahaha. I told the husband he needed to fix himself and the child a sandwich. Ill prob split a bowl of Amy’s brand lentil soup with the baby. Some Saturday dinner, huh?! If Im feeling super fancy I might even fix myself a salad with a light dijon mustard vinaigrette. 😀

Inspiration for today's run!! I didnt let my week of no working out stop me from crushing todays run! Just.Do.It.

Inspiration for today’s run!! I didnt let my week of no working out stop me from crushing todays run! Just.Do.It.

Nike LunarGlide+4

My shoes: Nike LunarGlide +4


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