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Are you going too slow?

If you haven’t noticed, its fall! Its getting cooler so that means hoodies, Clemson football, fires in our fireplace, scarves, pumpkin everything. We also have several birthdays to celebrate in our family (my moms, mine, my hubby, the threenager) … I absolutely love fall time as it reminds me of new beginnings and special memories.

I’m right in the middle of my PiYo Challenge but the outdoors keeps calling me! I think it’s time to start running again, as fall has always been my FAVORITE time to run. It was during this time, 3 years ago that I started running. Something about being outside under the sun, in the cool crisp air. It clears my head and keeps me happy. I keep saying I want to start back so time to dust off my running shoes.

On Tuesday morning the hubby took the kids to the gym while I stayed home. I was going to work out and do house work, however after I completed PiYo Sweat, I took one look outside and was out the door. Off running before I could talk myself out of it…


My first run in ages! I had a goal in mind about how far I wanted to run, it went a little like this … Ok when I get to the end of this street I’ll stop, no no, when I get to the end of that driveway I’ll stop, no wait, when I get to that mailbox I’ll quit, wait, when I get to the top of this hill I’m definitely finished … That was my entire internal dialog, with a little prayer here and there asking Jesus to help me. Until finally. I was truly done. A mile finished a little under 14 minutes.

Now I’m sure that might sound “too slow” to some people but eh. Coming from a girl who use to never ever exercise, *I* am proud of my 14 min mile! I ran for 14 mins straight. The thought of quitting because I’m going too slow never crossed my mind. A 14 minute mile is just as far as a 7 minute mile! Woop! Shoot yeah I am excited because getting out there and trying is the accomplishment for me.

too slow run

On my run I had a goal in mind of how far I wanted to get and even though my abs were cramping, the legs hurt, my lungs burned, and that darn hill about killed me .. I made it! Which made me think, you know sometimes WE have to be our OWN cheerleader. Sometimes we are the ones that have to push ourselves, to look inward, to ask Jesus for a bit more strength to keep going. We are not always going to be surrounded by friends or children or a husband or a trainer to encourage us. It’s in those moments, when we are alone and faced with the choice to give up or keep going that we truly grow.

So weather it’s going on a run for the first time in a year, your usual workout or the daily healthy eating habits, or even something like housework! When you’re faced with the choice to either stop or keep going … Keep going! Be your own cheerleader. Push forward. Too slow? Never.

Any energy left?

Yesterday it was beautiful outside so I hollered for my son to go throw on some warm clothes because we were going to go for a run. I was in need of some time in the sunshine and he absolutely loves running.

If you ever need some extra encouragement or a cheerleader, grab a kid. Hahaha. Especially a boy, they love competition. When I got tired and wanted to stop running he dared me that I couldn’t make it all the way to the end of the street. Oh yeah!? Watch this! And when I wanted to make my way back home he kept pushing to run a bit longer. Boys, they have energy for days!

After our run he still wanted some outside time, except that he wanted me to play with him. Me. His boring ole mom. Of course I’m not going to let him know that I’m freakin tired from running 30 mins and just want to craw into the shower. Nope. I’m going to suck it up and play with my kid! (Who is all too quickly growing up, turning into a pretty awesome young man!)

So he and I spent a good 30 minutes playing soccer… Until he turned it into a game of, let’s kick the ball out of mama’s reach and yell at her to go run after it. (More running!? No thank you.)

I have to admit that I had a pretty wonderful time with my kid! I’m definitely not cut out to be a long distance runner or a professional sports star. But it was fun. When you’re doing something you love then it’s not work.

The best part wasn’t burning calories, it was spending quality, one-on-one time with my eldest child. When my son wanted to hang out with me, doing something he loves, I was able to do it! I might not have been awesome at it but he did not care one bit. I’m sure there will come a time when my kid doesn’t want mama giving him hugs in public. Or will shut himself up in his room instead of always being right up under my feet. Would rather talk to some pretty little girl then talk to his mom. Or when going outside to play with me sounds like torture. Ha! But for now… I’m it! I’m finally able to say yes to playing outside, running my butt off for an hour.

“Getting healthy” is so much more then just a number on a scale, or what I look like, or what size clothes I wear. It’s about finally being able to enjoy life with the people I love.


Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 13

What is with me?! I cant seem to get to the computer on Wednesdays for my blog weigh-ins! Next week Ill be here on Wednesday. 🙂 I sort of have a pass for this week, I got the stomach bug on friday and I was finally 100% better on tuesday. Friday, sat, and sun were the worst & I didnt eat a thing. I ended up losing 6 pounds from friday to sunday! Thankfully I was able to eat again on Monday so Im no longer 6 lbs lighter! 😉

Last Wednesday I was at 184lbs and this Wednesday Im at 181lbs. Ill take that! I cant wait to be in the 170’s. After stalling at 185 for what felt like for.ever. it feels good to be losing again. Hopefully things will pick up a lot. Im even more excited now about exercising. Because I was sick I missed 2 runs but I was able to go on Wednesday and it was the best run Ive ever had! Im on week 7 of the Couch-2-10K program. Wednesday I had to warm-up walk for 5 mins, run for 22 mins straight, warm-down walk for 5 mins. When I was done I felt like I could go again! 🙂 And yes, I was running hard! That was awesome…Running for 22 mins straight without feeling like Im going to die, lol!!! For real, just sitting here thinking about it gets me excited about how far Ive come. When I started the couch-2 program I couldnt even run for 60 seconds without feeling like I was ready to stop. Just think about where Ill be at the end of the summer…

Half Marathon Here.I.Come!

What Would You Do if You Knew You Could Not Fail

What would you do if you knew you could not fail??

Weight Loss This Week: 3 lbs
Complete Loss: 46lbs

Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 12

Woohoo! Im back to the blogging grind! Time for Weight in Wednesday.

Im happy to say that Im down a pound since my last (official) weigh in. 184lbs as of this morning. I like to go in increments of 5 pounds so I dont feel so overwhelmed… 4 more lbs until Im at 180. That feels good! I am seeing a little change in the way clothes are fitting. I was in JC Penny the other day trying some summer dresses on. They looked good on but I cant wait until things start looking great!! You know youre a skinny gal when you start getting trendy clothing catalogs in the mail… I got an EXPRESS catalog in the mail today (how did they know I was getting my skinny on?! Lol).  I keep visualizing what Im going to look like over the summer, total motivation to keep.going.!

Speaking of motivation. Today was a run day. Yikes, it did not go well. I have allergy problems and have been fighting a sinus attack for about a week. Today my allergies about killed me. I started my run with a runny nose, as I ran it just got worse (not a pretty sight!!). Half way through I got a killer sinus headache. Ugh I was a mess. And Im sure I looked ridic, I know my form crap!! I had to stop and I ended up walking the rest of the way. Eh. Def not ideal & although Im a bit bummed that I didnt have a fab run,  at least I finished my time and didnt just quit. I feel like I did a good job. Failure would have been me not attempting a run at all..  sitting on my couch in my PJs, watching the Maury Povich show (my daytime guilty pleasure show. hahaha), stuffing my face full of Oreos (which, btw, are vegan, a fact I wish I could forget)!!

This blog post is for the crappy run days.To remind myself that…
A crappy run day is better then no run day at all!

Its True!

Its True!

Weight Loss This Week: 1 lbs
Complete Loss: 43lbs

Wont You Go Away?

Rain, rain.. go away! AWAY!! And do not come back another day! Ack!

This past week it rained from Monday-Thursday. And not a dripdrop sprinkle kinda thing, I mean like woah my front yard turned into a lake, kinda thing. It was raining too hard for me to go running so I missed all of my runs. I could have worked out inside the house but the nasty weather put me in a nasty mood and I was not diggin a workout! The only thing I really wanted to do was sleep (when the exception of going out with my girlfriend on Thursday night, we went and saw the new Bradley Cooper movie. Silver Lining Playback. Loved it!!) because the weather was so crappy. Sleep and kill the son. Omgosh that child had so much energy from not being able to play outside, I was thiiiis close from pulling me hair out!

Anywho, yesterday the clouds went away and it was finally sunny outside. The fam and I went out for mexican (I got veggie fajita with rice, beans, and guacamole from the best mexican restaurant ever. Yumm!) and then visited a speciality running store. Ive been running in 3 year old Nike Shocks. After doing some research I decided that if I was serious about this running business I really needed to get some hot new shoes. The lady in the running store watched me walk, measured my feet, and let me run down the block in the various running shoes so I could pick the best ones for my feet. I tried on New Balance, Saucony, and Nike. The NB and Saucony were big in the heel & I didnt like the way they felt. The Nike’s fit great, they were the lightest weight out of the 3 brands. The lady who helped me said when you pick running shoes you need them to be roomy in the toe because your feet swell when you run. The Nike’s are nice and snug in the heel but not too tight in the toe. I have huge feet, size 11, so they only had 1 color option. Black with a pop of blue. Next time Im in the market for shoes Im going to order them off the internet so I can get the color I want. I went to the store, you can build your own shoe with the colors you want! Can you say… bright rainbow shoes!!! 😀 The custom shoe is a little more $$ but thats ok. Dont ya know, bright shoes make you go faster! 😉

I tried the Nike LunarGlide+4 shoes out this afternoon, I liked them! They had a good bounce to them and I could totally tell how light weight they are… However, I so was not diggin the run. I wanted to quit half way through. My legs were sore, I was tired, and I bet the few days I took off from exercising this week made me a bit slow. BUT … I kept going! I pushed through and finished. …Now its dinner time and Im too tired to cook! Hahaha. I told the husband he needed to fix himself and the child a sandwich. Ill prob split a bowl of Amy’s brand lentil soup with the baby. Some Saturday dinner, huh?! If Im feeling super fancy I might even fix myself a salad with a light dijon mustard vinaigrette. 😀

Inspiration for today's run!! I didnt let my week of no working out stop me from crushing todays run! Just.Do.It.

Inspiration for today’s run!! I didnt let my week of no working out stop me from crushing todays run! Just.Do.It.

Nike LunarGlide+4

My shoes: Nike LunarGlide +4

Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 5

Its Weigh in Wednesday time! Week 5.

And this week Im actually posting this on time! 🙂 So like I said in yesterday’s post, I went home over this past weekend… being home is not good for my weight loss! Being back home isnt usually a relaxing time– Im always on the go, rushing, running around all over town, doing errands for people, and trying to organize who gets to see the children when and for how long. Attempting to see all of the family, in-laws, and friends in one short weekend is not easy nor stress free. By the time Sunday afternoon rolls around Im ready for a nap … but I cant because I have to drive 3-3.5 hours back to my house before it gets dark, fix dinner, tuck the child and baby in bed, unpack the bags, and get ready for Monday. When Im stressed I tend to snack, eat junk foods instead of eating a real meals, I dont get much sleep, drink too much sodas, and am too busy to workout. So yeah, that was my weekend. Plus, yesterday I felt totally overwhelmed and had zero motivation to run to the grocery store to find something to cook for dinner. We went out to eat and I had… eggplant parm!!! :O Food as comfort = So not healthy.

Wont Be ME!

Wont Be ME!

Of course I felt guilty this morning for my crappy decisions, knowing today was WIW, and that I was going to have to blog about all that crap. Heh! But there it is! So how much weight do you think I lost, or gained? …. Ill get to it in a second! 😛 My lovely weekend back home just goes to show, that you can be a vegetarian and still be unhealthy. Im sure if I ate like that all of the time I would gain weight, feel like crap-ola, and be! Being a veg isnt just about what you cant eat, its more about what you should eat. “Oh sorry, Im a vegetarian, I dont eat animals… so instead of eating that hamburger Im just going to go stuff my face full of chips, french fries, mall pretzels with ranch dip, loaded caesar salads, and Little Debbie Snacks.” Lol! Yeah, thats not how veg eating should work!

So to be positive! Im going to let go of this past week, remembering what not to do, and move forward. As soon as Im done with this post, Im going to go read something fab out of Psalms! After dinner tonight Im going to get my run in. Ive made my weekly food list and will be going to the grocery store after I pick the child up from school. Do some extra housework because having a nice, sparkly, clean house always puts me in a great mood. And finally, tonight Im going to sign up for my first race!

Oh and last thing.. my weight!! I did not gain any weight but I also did not lose any weight! Im surprised and not too upset, considering the week that I had. But watch out! 😉 Next week’s WIW will be a lot better!!

Weight Loss This Week: Zero lbs
 Total Loss: 19lbs

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