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What’d You Just Say?

My 7 year old rocks! George! You wont find a more witty child. He has no problem having convos with adults. I think its because when he was a tot he was use to hanging out with my husband and my college friends.. engineers, bible scholars, mathematicians, and artsy people . Also, his moral compass is very strong because the husband and I have tried to instill God’s word in his heart. He is pretty wise for his age. So yeah… mama gush! I think he is a great kiddo! 😀

(When I figure out how to post pictures on this blog, Ill show him off. BTW, how DO you post pics?!)

People who know me know that I love back rubs. LOVE! And Ill take a back rub from anybody that looks fairly clean, lol. Now that George is older and stronger.. I have been able to bribe him to give me back rubs! Ill give him a dollar for rubbing my back. Yesss, he only asks for a dollar, he hasnt figured out that I *would* pay him more. So I get a pretty good back rub and he is a dollar richer. Win.Win.

I picked him up from school today and took him to Sonic (Hello!! Half price drinks from 2-5! Score!) and while we were waiting for our drinks, of course, I asked him for a back rub. He is rubbing away and then says to me, “Oooooooh MAMA! I can feel your BRA!!” Now, I guess this is a big deal to a 7 year old boy and I didnt want him going to school telling his guy friends about how he was able to touch a bra, lol. Trying to diffuse his excitement I tell him that its not really my bra, its just the straps. And then he goes, “Yeah! Thats what I was talking about… the part that holds ‘them’ up!!” …….….. Yeah. 😛 Well, thanks for that comment son!

Last funny story of the day. When George was 2 he started calling women’s breasts ‘balls’. I guess to a 2 yr old they are round and look like… balls… Makes since. So then he asked me… “Why doesnt Daddy have ‘balls’??” BahHahahaha! I tried to correct my (then 2 yr old) George and told him that they are part of a woman’s chest, not called a ball. Meh, that didnt stick, he still refers to them as balls. 😛

Only Men Have Those?


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