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Where Were You? Where Was God?

Today is September the 11th.



It didnt even occur to me that 9/11 was coming up until 2 days ago! :/ I was going to write a ‘fluffy’ post but it doesnt feel appropriate. I wonder how many other bloggers are also talking about this anniversary. Im sure nothing I have to say is new.. but I also wanted to join in and grieve the deaths of the thousands that died, the many that were injured, and the millions that were affected.

I remember that day pretty clearly. I was a sophomore in high school. I was changing classes and I remember walking past some classrooms with the TVs on, which was unusual, so I was trying to figure out what was going on. When I made it to my room the rest of the students were buzzing around, talking about the first plane crash. We were all still trying to figure out what was going on. My initial reaction was that this was some kind of joke, I didnt really understand. For the rest of the day my school sat glued to the tv sets. We watched as the 2nd plane hit. We watched as the buildings fell. Heard reports of the other plane crashes. It was if … we all were watching some Hollywood movie. I remember lunch time in the cafeteria was eerie quite. And then it was time for school to be let out. Time to go home. Home to what…? To the place where I was suppose to feel most safe and secure. My home was filled with images of burning rubble, people screaming, fire, people jumping from the towers, news anchors crying… For the days to come, I remember seeing Ground Zero being filled with rescue workers and all other kinds of people trying to help out. I had this overwhelming urge to help. But what could I do? I was just a kid. Having that feeling of hopelessness was so unsettling. I dont think Ill ever forget that feeling.

Last year for the 10th anniversary my son’s school did this memorial. Where the parents wrote about their experiences during that day and then the teachers placed the accounts up as a kind of memorial. George was 6. How do you explain to a 6 year old that there are people in the world who have so much hatred in their hearts that they want to end the lives of others. That those people believe their ‘god’ will bless them for killing others who do not hold the same beliefs as them. The husband and I youtubed clips that we thought were age appropriate and showed them to George. But even then, our child has such a tender heart and sweet spirit, even then I do not think he was able to wrap his mind around the acts of those people.

Then that leads to questions like, how could God let those people crash the planes? Why would God let something like that happen? Woah! Thats an even more difficult thing to try and explain. Im not sure Im eloquent enough to come up with some long, theological response. To put it simply, God permitted it to happen because it was His will. Why ..exactly..? I dont know. But, I do know that I place my faith in Him so that means accepting His word as Truth, even when I dont fully understand.

God Was There!

God Was There!


Please, Watch!!
In My Seat
September 10, 2001, First Officer Steve Scheibner packed his suitcase and waited for the phone call finalizing his assignment to fly American Airlines Flight 11, from Boston to Los Angeles. The call never came. In My Seat recounts the events leading up to Flight 11 and the subsequent death of Tom McGuinness in the seat that should have been filled by Steve Scheibner.


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