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Sleep, Whats That?

Good morning! Well, is it a good morning for you? The morning after this Monster Hurricane Sandy. I hope and pray that all are safe. I’ve watched the news and so far I’ve heard reports that most people in the NorthEast are doing ok. As ok as can be expected when a huge hurricane sweeps through your town.. flooding your home, knocking out power, blowing down trees, rendering your town helpless, and shutting down communities. :/ This is the first time since 9/11 that NYC has been rendered helpless. Wooah, that’s an eerie sight, watching the aftermath of such a monster storm. I’ve been praying for those in the path and today The Lord gave me a verse of comfort. Psalm 121: 7 and 8. It’s very reassuring.


Waking up to power, a warm dry home, and a safe family should make me feel thankful. But after my night, the only thing I’m feeling is annoyed and tired. Have I mentioned that the baby doesn’t sleep well? I’m starting to believe that she, somehow, can thrive off of very little sleep. (The same cannot be said for me. Lol) Last night she refused to go to bed, finally fell asleep at midnight, woke up at 2. Woke up at 3:30. Woke up at 4 where upon she decided it was time to start her day. So I had the … joy … of a 4:00 am playsession. 🙂 Woohoo. Oh and btw, the baby didn’t sleep very well the night before last too.

Being a mom is hard work. Rewarding 98% of the time. But it’s during those other 2% of times where you could just run away screaming while pulling your hair out. Hahaha. The only thing keeping me going this morning is Starbucks. Thank You, Lord for some Starbucks. I sat on the floor this morning, playing with the baby and counting down the mins until 5:20, when I loaded up the baby in my car and made the 15 min drive to Starbucks. I got a vanilla latte and slice of pumpkin bread! Oh yes I made a splurge for some pumpkin bread! And the icing on the cake, my drink was free. 🙂 Happy Birthday to me, I’ll be turning 26 tomorrow.

The downside to my Starbucks trip (aside from consuming unneeded calories, sugar, and fat) is that sometime while driving to get my Birthday Treat the baby managed to fall asleep. Wait. How is this a bad thing? Because she has me hostage in my car. For I know that if I took her out of the car, the second I entered the house she would wake.up. Boooo!! So that leaves me stuck inside my car, typing away on my iPad. …I’m surprised the husband hasn’t come looking for me. Lol. I bet he’s sleeping away, comfortably in our warm bed…

As for my birthday tomorrow, my BFF Julie texted me about making celebration plans tonight. She asked me what I’d like to do… What I wanted to say was that all I want for my birthday is some sleep. Id like a full weekend of sleep, please and thank you.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Some sleep. What a funny joke. Blah!


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