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Any energy left?

Yesterday it was beautiful outside so I hollered for my son to go throw on some warm clothes because we were going to go for a run. I was in need of some time in the sunshine and he absolutely loves running.

If you ever need some extra encouragement or a cheerleader, grab a kid. Hahaha. Especially a boy, they love competition. When I got tired and wanted to stop running he dared me that I couldn’t make it all the way to the end of the street. Oh yeah!? Watch this! And when I wanted to make my way back home he kept pushing to run a bit longer. Boys, they have energy for days!

After our run he still wanted some outside time, except that he wanted me to play with him. Me. His boring ole mom. Of course I’m not going to let him know that I’m freakin tired from running 30 mins and just want to craw into the shower. Nope. I’m going to suck it up and play with my kid! (Who is all too quickly growing up, turning into a pretty awesome young man!)

So he and I spent a good 30 minutes playing soccer… Until he turned it into a game of, let’s kick the ball out of mama’s reach and yell at her to go run after it. (More running!? No thank you.)

I have to admit that I had a pretty wonderful time with my kid! I’m definitely not cut out to be a long distance runner or a professional sports star. But it was fun. When you’re doing something you love then it’s not work.

The best part wasn’t burning calories, it was spending quality, one-on-one time with my eldest child. When my son wanted to hang out with me, doing something he loves, I was able to do it! I might not have been awesome at it but he did not care one bit. I’m sure there will come a time when my kid doesn’t want mama giving him hugs in public. Or will shut himself up in his room instead of always being right up under my feet. Would rather talk to some pretty little girl then talk to his mom. Or when going outside to play with me sounds like torture. Ha! But for now… I’m it! I’m finally able to say yes to playing outside, running my butt off for an hour.

“Getting healthy” is so much more then just a number on a scale, or what I look like, or what size clothes I wear. It’s about finally being able to enjoy life with the people I love.



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