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Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 18

Ive been a naughty blogger! I missed last weeks post and haven’t been around very much. The fam and I went back home for spring break. My parents don’t have internet, not even a computer, so I didn’t bother trying to type something up on my phone. We had a great trip, went to the beach twice and the lake once. This was the first time I can remember not being self conscious about having my picture taken! Which is huge for me. Im always the one behind the camera, I didn’t like to be in front of it. The camera has a way of showcasing all your flaws. Blah. On the rare occasions that I did have my pic taken I always put someone in front of me, usually one of my children. Because whos going to be looking at me when theres a cute kid in front of me! 😛 Like at Easter last yr, heres a pic of the kids and me..
 easter121That’s strategic child placement. 😛 All of my pics are like that. (And yikes, why didn’t anyone tell me that that headband was not a good look for me?!) Easter this year (pics below) was the same but I didn’t purposely try to hide, it just happened that way. Im going to have to make more of an effort to stop hiding.
easter13easter131Is it just me or does my face look so much different! Its true, a pic is worth a thousand words. Some days I don’t even feel like Ive accomplished much, in the way of losing weight, but when I look at pictures I can see it. (Btw, I got glasses! Ya like?)

Heres the kids and I playing the beach. No.hiding. Before I would have deleted any and all pics like this one. I would even delete pics from someone else’s camera if I thought it showed too much of myself. It was wonderful to be playing around with the kids instead of worrying about what I was going to look like in the pics!

By the way, I managed to give myself a little concussion this past week while working out. Ill blog about that later because its kinda funny. It involved getting attacked by my resistance band. 😛 A P90X first, Im sure!


Weight Loss This Week: 1 lb
Complete Loss: 49lbs


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