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Why Do Squats?

How about a little Motivation Monday?!? 😀 Because.. Not a single squat was given that day! ❤

Did y’all see the VMAs last night? I sure didn’t. I was in bed at 9 so I could get up at 5 this morning to go to Crossfit!!! Hahaha. Thanks to last night’s VMS performance by Miley Cyrus, today has been dubbed National Squat Day. (Which is funny because I did squats today in my workout!) Miley was a hot mess last night, which isn’t surprising! I youtubed her performance…please learn from my mistake and do not YouTube it! Thats 6 mins of your life that you’ve waisted and you’ll never be able to get back. People mag had it right when they tweeted and said her performance was like what Build-A-Bear workshop looks like in hell!!!!

The thing that stood out about Miley … her bum. Or lack of a bum. Now I’m not usually one to poke fun at how others look. But come on now, this is Miley Cyrus and she’s totally done it to herself! I ❤ squats but Miley must not.

If you want to have a nice round bum, you’ve got to do squats! If not, you’ll have Mileybutt …and that’s just not attractive.

Ok now I’m warning you. If you don’t want to see the Mileybutt, look away… 😛


See. I told you it was ugly.

Her bum is the reason why we should all do squats. So do yourself a favor. Go ahead. Get off your butt and do 40 squats! ……. There!
That wasnt so hard!
And for those of you who aren’t sure how to do a proper squat, this is a good resource! 23 Ways to Improve Your Squat Don’t just do any ole squat, make sure you are using proper form. A lazy squat is a sucky one!


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