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Whats for dinner? Caribbean Jerk spices

Its Tasty Tuesday! I’m going to make it my goal to post a new recipe or cooking tip every Tuesday, I have several new ones I want to try so yall are going to be my guinea pig. Usually my kids are the ones I have as guinea pigs, like that time I made black bean brownies and not even my toddler would touch it. (Not all brownies are created equal and these were horrible, that was defiantly a recipe that went into the Never Try Again pile!)

Tasty Tuesday

Cooking no meat dishes, its important to use spices to add flavor to the dish & make it complete. While we were on vacation this summer I discovered a new spice. Its my new favorite! Caribbean Jerk by McCormick


Took me a little hunting to find it but I bought it from Walmart. Its got a spicy flavor without lighting your face on fire, is a little smoky, and it does give a little Caribbean feel. Ive used it with temped and tofu (in place of meat) as well as various roasted veggies. Add a little sweet pineapple – oh yass! I plan on doing Island Jerk skewers this weekend, veggie for me and shrimp for everyone else. Delish!


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