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How much water are you drinking?

The baby is taking a nap, my threenager is distracted with Daniel Tiger, and my big kid is taking a History test.. so I have a little free time. Time for a BLOG! 🙂 Those of you with children know all too well the *joys* of your kids having access to cartoons. They can be a blessing (aka babysitter, lol) when you need to get things done. Trying to be productive with kids running abound is nearly impossible. So yes, I needed some quiet time yesterday & I let PBS Kids babysit my toddler. (No shame either, any SAHM will tell you shes done the same thing or shes lying!) However, I ended up having these ridiculously annoying kiddy songs stuck in my head for the entire day! “I love to spell! S-p-e-l-l! I really love to spell.. s-p-e-l-l” And anytime I had to use the bathroom, “If you have to go potty stop and go right away! Flush and wash and be on your way!” Gee thanks, Daniel Tiger, thanks for the potty training reminder. 😉

Ive been trying to up my intake of water. “They” say to drink half of your body weight of water in oz. Thats a bunch of water! And thanks to all that water, I sang that dumb potty song at least 50 times yesterday. (And in true toddler form, when I use the bathroom the threenager likes to tear the toilet paper for me because, as she sings, “You can be a big helper in your family!“)  This is a good site that gives details about water consumption. As a nursing mom who works out every day its most defiantly important to get all my oz in to replenish what I loose. Plus water is fantastic for your skin.. Who wants pimplie, dull, wrinkled, saggy skin?! Not this girl! I like to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, a glass before eating any meal, a glass during my meals, and a glass when I think Im hungry. A big problem I have is that my natural default when Im bored, relaxing watching tv/movies, or on the computer is to snack. Often times I dont want a healthy snack. Whats better then a little crunchy snack? Water! I also drink a glass of water when I feel like snacking out of boredom.  After you get into the habit, it gets easier so that you dont have to be constantly be tracking how many glasses. I started out with using my favorite HUGE Twilight cup to drink out of, one cup full of that thing is a ton of oz in one sitting.

Yes I am a dork!

Yes I am a dork!

If youre one of those people who like to use the excuse that you dont drink enough because you dont like the taste, or even if youre getting bored with just plain water.. You can always make fruit infused water. Healthy and super yummy! I got my pitcher from Target a few years ago but you can order them from Amazon. Cold water, some ice, and your fav fruits! Easy. And if you let it sit over night itll taste even better.

Infused water is yummy and pretty!

Infused water is yummy and pretty!

So go drink up! Bottoms up yall!

“If you have to go potty stop and go right away….”


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