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Who needs accountability?

Meeee, this girl does! Last week went sideways. I could list plenty of reasons but pretty much they all boil down to .. I took a week long break from all things. Lol. I managed to survive with the 3 kids and hubby in tow. Bleh. Even when you are so very much wanting to change things and make better choices, sometimes you’ll have a hiccup and come to a halt. Getting back to it by making plans and setting a goal will help you start turning those gears again.

My plan: follow the 21 Day Fix and train for a 5K Thanksgiving run
My (short term) goal: Lose 15 more pounds

The people over at Beach Body finally listened to all the voices asking them more a more reasonable vegan 21 Day Fix eating plan. They way the plan was before, the only vegan sources of protein allowed were tofu, tempeh (which is tofu-like), Shakeology, and a very vague “veggie burger”. Thats just not enough choices and no one wants to eat 4 servings of tofu a day! I did the whole 21 days before, eating only vegan foods, but it was pretty limiting.

But they recently edited the 21DF plan to include many more plant based sources of protein, along with a new break down of carbs, and a change in the 21DF container amounts. Which made this girl super happy!!! I can do the plan while focusing on eating a vegan diet and actually continue the nutrition plan after the 21 days is over! (Why do I ❤ this plan so much? They have a pretty great listing of yummy and healthy foods you can eat, you use their recommendations for calorie bracket and container amounts, cook the food, measure it in the containers, and eat the allowed containers for that day. Its really simple and takes little thought.)

I just prepped my meals for the next 3 days. Why 3 days? I figured out that batch cooking for any longer then that takes too much time, the food doesnt stay super fresh, and I start getting tired of eating it after 3 days! Im posting not exactly to get anyone to join (although, hello, you totally should join!) but to have the accountability of putting it out there. Encouragement and accountability. Because I want to lose the stupid final 15 pounds that have been hanging around. And I want to show that this nutrition plan is very do-able (even for people with dietary needs or restrictions, like no animal products). It can be done. You can do it. I HAVE done it (after baby no. 2) and I WILL do it again this time. Woop Woop!

  • Breakfast : Smoothy (Shakeology, Salad greens, Banana, 2tsp chia, water)
  • Lunch: Quinoa, Tempeh, String beans, Mushrooms
  • Snack: Apples, Nuts, 2teasp peanut butter
  • Dinner: Brussels sprouts, snow peas, tofu, Sweet potatoes, hemp seeds, 1tsp oil
  • Snack: Edamame, Cauliflower, Brown rice

21 day fix vegan


Weigh in Wednesday

Its bout that time again, Weigh in Wednesday. What Im going to start to do is have my weigh ins only on the first of the month, just so Im not using the scale as the primary way of measuring my success. Yes I need that number to be smaller but I also want to lose inches as well as pounds, while gaining muscle.

This week there isn’t a change from last week, 203lbs says my scale. I cant wait to permanently be under that 200! My children and I go to the gym daily, my plan is to pair fun classes, like Zumba and Yoga, at the gym along with the T25 video series from Beachbody! Im going to start the workouts and rock the system. Give myself a little jumpstart. Ive done other Beachbody programs and loved it so Im excited to see my results from this. Ill be updating on my progress from that, pics, weight, and measurements.

We are going to the Florida Keys again this year for vacation. 6 more months, I have around 180 days to get my butt in gear! 😉 Boom! That’s the timeline Im giving myself for Operation Bikini Body. Not that Im actually going to be seen in a tiny weeny, itsy bitsy bikini but I refuse to hide myself in one of those awful, oversized mom-tankinis with the skirted bottoms. Like …noNo honey! I refuse to wear one again this summer. Maybe this year Ill order a swim suit from Victoria’s Secret (oh lala). Regardless of the brand or style, at least I want to feel good in whatever Im wearing. Confidence is sexy. Key Largo, here I come. 😉


What Time Is It?

It’s Weigh in Wednesday time! And I’ve lost a whopping -1 lbs since last week. Bah. Lol. I’m not sure what’s up with that. 178! I need to be going doooown the 170’s, not up! Lol. Annoyed but not letting it get to me. Maybe it’s all the muscle I’m building from my new CrossFit workouts? 😀 Wishful thinking, anyone? Im at the point where I don’t even care what the stupid scale says. How I feel and look in clothes, what my measurements say, and how Ive progressed in my workouts are more important to me.

Why you may ask?
Because … I know I’m beautiful.

See! 😛


I don’t think 170’s look too bad on me 😉


While I’d love to say I’m a skinny mini in the 120’s, I’d rather say I’m sexy strong in the 140’s. It’s all about perception, I suppose. What’s your idea of beauty? Is it just about what the scale says? (Only girls under 130lbs are beautiful… Or some crap like that!) NO!

And anyways, the scale can be deceiving! On Facebook I follow a kick butt fit chick named Anabelle, who’s lost over 100lbs @ Anabelle’s Clean Eating and Fitness Page .. She posted a pic of herself not too long ago and it totally clicked for me.. To stop letting the scale dictate what I find beautiful in myself.

Examples of why the scale isn’t the best measure of progress:

Not even a 5 lb difference between these pics. Say whaaaat!


And the biggest wake up call, in the before pic she was 140’s and in the after pic she’s 155!


Now that’s sexy strong! Rock it girl! ❤

I'll still continue to do the weekly weigh-ins but I'm not going to use it as the primary way to measure my success to fitness. In effect, I'm divorcing my scale!

Goodbye sucka!


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