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Weigh in Wednesday

Its Hump Day! Everyone loves Hump Day, huh? ;D I do! Sometimes I feel like Im talking to myself here. I know my best friend reads this (Hey Julie!) and the husband does as well (I just ordered a new Vera Bradley purse, honey. Merry Christmas to meee!) but Im not sure if to many other people care to hear me ramble on about weigh ins? Lol. Ill continue to do so because its good accountablity, we all need a little encouragement sometimes.

Its weigh in time. I use to hate that stupid scale and want to stab it (stabstabstab) but now Im more curious to see what it says. I only step on it on Wednesdays because I also like to measure my progress in other areas.. I will fit into my favorite skinny jeans and top again.

I wil!

I will! I cant wait to rock this again!

I had been doing just straight cardo at the gym, with a little weight training and Zumba thrown in. This past week I started a new home workout, its a lot like yoga but better! Ill write a review up after Ive had some more time with it but so far I think its a great addition to my routine. Even the hubby said he wants to do today’s work out with me (this should be fun to watch, bahhahaha, Ill try and get a pic)! I am interested in dropping lbs and I know thatll happen if I max out on cardo. However, I want to look good, not just be a smaller, flabbier version of myself. Weight training and stretching are also important legs of the fitness stool. (Get it? Like a 3 legged stool, you need all three components to get great results.)

So yeah, Im at 201.1 as of this morning. I wanted to get under 200 by Christmas and it looks like Ill get there! WooHoo! It feels great to not only hit a goal but to also smash it. I need to figure out what my reward will be.

Purple hair, anyone?

Yes please!

Yes please!


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