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Where In The World?

Woah!!! Where in the world have I been all summer? My last post was almost 3 months ago! Well Ive been right here, hey yall! Lol. Summer got the best of me and I got out of blogging. It was really easy to skip writing.

No worries though.. I didn’t fall off the weight loss wagon completly, I just took a pit stop. I finished P90X, yep Im a P90x graduate! Then I got into a no work out funk and also relaxed a bit with my eating habits. To be honest, I got lazy. Summertime made me want to relax and chill out. And I managed to gain 5lbs doing so, which isn’t BAD but it isn’t good either. Hello 177lbs!

I also went on vacation! Key Largo, Florida!!!¬†It was wonderful for my tan (not like I needed more of a tan) and I swam every day. Instead of trying to get a workout in I just snorkeled and scuba dove. It was heavenly and I actually didn’t hate being in my bathing suit. Last year was horrible, I was still chubby from giving birth (because, you know, I wasn’t one of those lucky ladies that lost weight) and I felt sooo uncomfortable. I was too self conscious to enjoy myself. Even though I was with my husband’s family, and its not like they should care what I look like or how much I weigh, it IS hard always being the chubby one. But this year, that didn’t matter so much! ūüôā Ive accomplished a lot in a year and Im stoked to see where Ill be next summer!

(Yes here come a few pics from vacation!)
the family

the child

the baby

and me (very tanned!)

So now that Im done with vacation and summer-fun its time to get back to work! Back to the healthy eating, tracking what I eat with myFitnessPal, and exercise. ….Oh I think I forgot to mention, Im also adding homeschooling to that list. Yep, Ill be homeschooling the child this year. We start next week. Wish me luck, eeeek!….

As far as exercise goes, Ive joined the world of Crossfit. Uh huh, Im going to be one of THOSE women. You know, super fit with muscles, healthy¬†eating habits,¬†and uber sexyyyy bod. ūüėČ Woowoo! Like these pretty ladies:

That’s the goal! I might half way kill myself trying to get there, but I have no doubt that Ill get there. I know exactly what I want .. and when I want something I go get it! But not only will I be a Crossfit lady, but Ill also be a vegan Crossfitter. Which, btw, is sort of unheard of because they encourage the Paleo way of eating (lots of meat, seafood,¬†and veggies). There are similarities to Paleo and Vegan, veggies¬†with¬†no dairy and no processed foods so at least theres that. Of course they eat all that meat because they want to get that animal protein to rebuilt muscle … BUT you don’t HAVE to eat animal for protein, there are¬†vegan sources of protein too! Ive stumbled upon several helpful tools to help me: The Secret Advice of a Vegan CrossFitter , The Vegan Crossfit Project, and several private Veg Crossfitter facebook groups.

I started Crossfit on Monday. Woah. WOAH! My muscles arnt sore, they feel¬†alive! Its killer but I love it, I already love it!¬† … With P90X (and¬†other video workouts)¬†I HATED doing it every day at home, talk about boring and lonely. Ive done the typical gym thing and I didn’t really like that either, running on a treadmill¬†makes me feel like a hamster & I didn’t really know what I was doing with the weight machines. It was pretty intimidating. Crossfit is completely different. The moment I walked into my box (aka: my local Crossfit gym. See there, I already have the terminology down! hehe)¬† it felt right! They are very friendly and welcoming, I didn’t feel out of place or anything like that. Everyone was working out HARD! You could tell that the people there are there to work, but there was still that feeling that they were enjoying it. I really love how encouraging everyone is, rooting on others but yet being competitive at the same time. And what I love most is how they put such great emphasis on proper form! The first two weeks (3 days a week) are a Foundations class; showing us proper form, introducing us to¬†Crossfit¬†& getting us use to the movements. The coach was really wanting us to go sloooow at first so we can get the foundations down. That’s HUGE for someone like me, who really doesn’t know what they are doing because they never had someone show them what to do the right way!¬†I love love¬†love how every work out of the day is made by a coach and the coach is RIGHT THERE with you!! It seems like as long as you show up and put in the effort, you WILL see results; itll be hard but not impossible!¬†After I complete my Foundations class¬†Ill be good to go… 6AM for 5 days a week is the goal!

Wish me luck! :*

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