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Are you going too slow?

If you haven’t noticed, its fall! Its getting cooler so that means hoodies, Clemson football, fires in our fireplace, scarves, pumpkin everything. We also have several birthdays to celebrate in our family (my moms, mine, my hubby, the threenager) … I absolutely love fall time as it reminds me of new beginnings and special memories.

I’m right in the middle of my PiYo Challenge but the outdoors keeps calling me! I think it’s time to start running again, as fall has always been my FAVORITE time to run. It was during this time, 3 years ago that I started running. Something about being outside under the sun, in the cool crisp air. It clears my head and keeps me happy. I keep saying I want to start back so time to dust off my running shoes.

On Tuesday morning the hubby took the kids to the gym while I stayed home. I was going to work out and do house work, however after I completed PiYo Sweat, I took one look outside and was out the door. Off running before I could talk myself out of it…


My first run in ages! I had a goal in mind about how far I wanted to run, it went a little like this … Ok when I get to the end of this street I’ll stop, no no, when I get to the end of that driveway I’ll stop, no wait, when I get to that mailbox I’ll quit, wait, when I get to the top of this hill I’m definitely finished … That was my entire internal dialog, with a little prayer here and there asking Jesus to help me. Until finally. I was truly done. A mile finished a little under 14 minutes.

Now I’m sure that might sound “too slow” to some people but eh. Coming from a girl who use to never ever exercise, *I* am proud of my 14 min mile! I ran for 14 mins straight. The thought of quitting because I’m going too slow never crossed my mind. A 14 minute mile is just as far as a 7 minute mile! Woop! Shoot yeah I am excited because getting out there and trying is the accomplishment for me.

too slow run

On my run I had a goal in mind of how far I wanted to get and even though my abs were cramping, the legs hurt, my lungs burned, and that darn hill about killed me .. I made it! Which made me think, you know sometimes WE have to be our OWN cheerleader. Sometimes we are the ones that have to push ourselves, to look inward, to ask Jesus for a bit more strength to keep going. We are not always going to be surrounded by friends or children or a husband or a trainer to encourage us. It’s in those moments, when we are alone and faced with the choice to give up or keep going that we truly grow.

So weather it’s going on a run for the first time in a year, your usual workout or the daily healthy eating habits, or even something like housework! When you’re faced with the choice to either stop or keep going … Keep going! Be your own cheerleader. Push forward. Too slow? Never.

Where are my abs?

Im happy to report, as an update to the post I made last time, my ab challenge is complete! Have I come away with a super ripped 6 pack? Suuuure, but its hiding underneath my mommy tummy. LOL. No, I cant say that Ive now magically got a flat stomach but I CAN say I learned something pretty awesome…

The challenge was a fun way for my fit friends and I to encourage others to join us in exercising. But here’s the thing, in order to help someone else you must first help yourself! I learned that when I put my mind to something, I can accomplish great things. I told myself (and the world of Instagram) that for two weeks I would be exercising every day, would post a video (or pic) of that day’s ab move, and invited others to join me. Did I feel like doing it! Nope. But I did it anyways. Did I feel like posting a video of myself working out?! Heck NO! Me posting exercise moves for the one area of my body that Im most insecure about does not sound like a fun thing to do. How about you putting on blast, for everybody & their mama to see, your deepest insecurities about the way you look. I was very nervous when I started and had plenty of excuses about why I shouldnt even bother doing it.

“What if someone says something mean to me, what if I look like an idiot, what if I do the moves wrong, what if I miss a day, what if you can see my fat, what if you can see me struggling…”

For me the ab challenge wasnt about learning some cool workout moves, it was about challenging myself to change the way I think and feel. Be brave! Work hard! Dont quit! Thats what I learned from the ab challenge. And to address the insecure thoughts in my head.. I didnt get a single mean, rude, or off putting comment. Not a one. In fact it was quite the opposite because I got plenty of positive feedback.

So the next time I host a challenge (and yes, there will be more) I encourage you to not only participate, but to also post pics/videos of yourself working it with us. You might learn something about yourself & gain more then just a 6 pack!

((Ill keep the ab moves up on my IG, if you want to go back and review them))

ab challenge

Would you like some abs to go with that?

I could use a little help in the mommy tummy department, its by far my biggest problem area. I know this and accept it but that doesnt mean I have to like it. Lol. So I signed up to host a 2 week June ab challenge with some of my fit friends. What a better way to get fit then with some awesome like-minded women and a little friendly competition! (Plus.. theres a prize! Free stuff, who doesnt like free stuff!)

Starting today, June 1st-June 14th we will be posting 1 ab move a day on Instagram. I also wanted to post on my blog to share my progress. (If you wated to join is, head over to IG here to get more details.)

Today’s Day 1 ab pose is the Two Point Plank. It increases core strength and stability…and you end up looking like superwoman! Alternate lifting hands and legs (right hand + left leg and then left hand + right leg), hold it for as long as you can, and repeat!

two point plankTry the plank position (top pic) but if you need, the modification is to simply go down to your knees (bottom pic). I can hold the plank but prefer the mod because I feel more comfortable and my form is much better. However, I do like to always push myself so I did the plank for as long as I could hold it with still having good form. It ended being only a few seconds, but at least I tired! Hopefully by the end of this challenge I will be able to hole it a little longer. I know that if I keep practicing, even past the 2 weeks, that Ill only get better and work up to not needing the mod at all!

Im at the lake today so I was able to get my workout in outside. What a better way to work on my summer abs then in the sand, with the beautiful lake behind me! This mama needs all the motivation she can get.

Any energy left?

Yesterday it was beautiful outside so I hollered for my son to go throw on some warm clothes because we were going to go for a run. I was in need of some time in the sunshine and he absolutely loves running.

If you ever need some extra encouragement or a cheerleader, grab a kid. Hahaha. Especially a boy, they love competition. When I got tired and wanted to stop running he dared me that I couldn’t make it all the way to the end of the street. Oh yeah!? Watch this! And when I wanted to make my way back home he kept pushing to run a bit longer. Boys, they have energy for days!

After our run he still wanted some outside time, except that he wanted me to play with him. Me. His boring ole mom. Of course I’m not going to let him know that I’m freakin tired from running 30 mins and just want to craw into the shower. Nope. I’m going to suck it up and play with my kid! (Who is all too quickly growing up, turning into a pretty awesome young man!)

So he and I spent a good 30 minutes playing soccer… Until he turned it into a game of, let’s kick the ball out of mama’s reach and yell at her to go run after it. (More running!? No thank you.)

I have to admit that I had a pretty wonderful time with my kid! I’m definitely not cut out to be a long distance runner or a professional sports star. But it was fun. When you’re doing something you love then it’s not work.

The best part wasn’t burning calories, it was spending quality, one-on-one time with my eldest child. When my son wanted to hang out with me, doing something he loves, I was able to do it! I might not have been awesome at it but he did not care one bit. I’m sure there will come a time when my kid doesn’t want mama giving him hugs in public. Or will shut himself up in his room instead of always being right up under my feet. Would rather talk to some pretty little girl then talk to his mom. Or when going outside to play with me sounds like torture. Ha! But for now… I’m it! I’m finally able to say yes to playing outside, running my butt off for an hour.

“Getting healthy” is so much more then just a number on a scale, or what I look like, or what size clothes I wear. It’s about finally being able to enjoy life with the people I love.


Wait, that’s me?

I haven’t been on very much, I but since today is usually a weigh in post and last week I said I would start doing them at the beginning of each month I thought I could give some NSVs (nonscale victories) … ignoring what the scale says, Ive lost 2 inches off my waist alone. Im pretty thrilled about that!

I also have a before-and-current pic to share. I wasn’t going to show anyone because I wasn’t too happy with the before. It was taken 2 months after I had the baby, September 2014. The current is now, 4 months later.

Even I was shocked at the progress! I guess its hard to see the changes for yourself, or it was for me. I was looking through my camera roll on my phone and came upon the before. I did a double take. Wait, that’s me? When was this taken? Only 4 months ago?! That cant be right! And then I put on the exact same outfit I wore in the before and well…. BOOM! Ah!!! One of my friends told me I should be proud. Period. Not fretting over how Im not yet at my goal. Not being overly critical about my post-baby body. Not nervous about showing my progress.

Well… I am still a little nervous. However, Im going to put it out there anyways and tell that insecure voice in my head to shut up and get lost! I am learning to love myself regardless of what I look like. Don’t be afraid to take pictures of your progress because you might even shock yourself at how far you’ve come.

So whats my secret? Eating better + working out! That’s it. Good ole hard work. I started working out at the gym and then I did this awesome home workout called PiYo (sorta like yoga and pilates, if you want more info Id be happy to share details). I also used Myfitnesspal app to log what I ate, not so much trying to restrict calories but I used it more to make sure I was getting enough nutrients (protein, carbs, calcium, & not too much sugar). Finally, I used a shake every morning for breakfast, it was a quick, mindless meal that I knew was healthy. Its called Shakeology, I used the vegan chocolate flavor. Not quite like eating a Snickers bar or brownies for breakfast but it was pretty good (I can also give more details if interested). And there ya go!

Heres to shameless progress pics! Because I intend to keep going and there will be more of them! 😉

Weigh in Wednesday

Its Hump Day! Everyone loves Hump Day, huh? ;D I do! Sometimes I feel like Im talking to myself here. I know my best friend reads this (Hey Julie!) and the husband does as well (I just ordered a new Vera Bradley purse, honey. Merry Christmas to meee!) but Im not sure if to many other people care to hear me ramble on about weigh ins? Lol. Ill continue to do so because its good accountablity, we all need a little encouragement sometimes.

Its weigh in time. I use to hate that stupid scale and want to stab it (stabstabstab) but now Im more curious to see what it says. I only step on it on Wednesdays because I also like to measure my progress in other areas.. I will fit into my favorite skinny jeans and top again.

I wil!

I will! I cant wait to rock this again!

I had been doing just straight cardo at the gym, with a little weight training and Zumba thrown in. This past week I started a new home workout, its a lot like yoga but better! Ill write a review up after Ive had some more time with it but so far I think its a great addition to my routine. Even the hubby said he wants to do today’s work out with me (this should be fun to watch, bahhahaha, Ill try and get a pic)! I am interested in dropping lbs and I know thatll happen if I max out on cardo. However, I want to look good, not just be a smaller, flabbier version of myself. Weight training and stretching are also important legs of the fitness stool. (Get it? Like a 3 legged stool, you need all three components to get great results.)

So yeah, Im at 201.1 as of this morning. I wanted to get under 200 by Christmas and it looks like Ill get there! WooHoo! It feels great to not only hit a goal but to also smash it. I need to figure out what my reward will be.

Purple hair, anyone?

Yes please!

Yes please!

What Gets You Pumped?

Have y’all noticed that I hade this whole questions as blog titles thing going on? I didn’t mean to do it the first couple of times and then I went to read back over what I had posted and noticed the question theme. It took me a little thinkin to come up with today’s title! 😀

So yeah, what gets you pumped? If you’re on a lifestyle change/weight loss journey/diet/get a sexy bod.. or whatever you want to call it (lol), you’re going to come to a point where you want to quit! I know! Crazy right? You’ve come so far and accomplished so much! You have people tell you how fab you look. You feel great! But… It’s hard! It’s. So. Hard. You hit a little plateau or something happens and you get distracted. Maybe some horrible event comes, like the death of a family member, or you hurt yourself and get injured. For whatever reason you become distracted from your original goal. It happens. It sucks but life happens!

Last night I had a mini breakdown. I was going through some extremely minor issues, using the smallest excuse to try and talk myself into quitting. This happens a lot when it comes to my diet, eating a plant based, whole foods diet is the hardest thing I’ve ever done! And I fail at it sometimes..when I do it’s because I’ve talked myself into eating that stupid slice of chocolate cake or that yummy sushi roll. Well last night I was trying to talk myself out of Crossfit this morning. I’m to sore. I’m too tired. I need more sleep. I’m about to fall over. I need a break. I told some of my friends that I just wanted to get totally chocolate waisted! Just go into a massive chocolate stupor and sleep in. Hahahaha. Yeah. Not going to happen!

So before I could talk myself out of going (cuz really, I just started this Crossfit business, I need to go and get by butt in gear!) I finished my nightly routine of picking out my workout clothes (I like to match), getting my socks and shoes, washing my apple, filling up the water bottle, setting the alarm on my phone, whining on Facebook about how I don’t want to get up at freakin 4:50am (silly I know!), and planning what I’m going to eat after my workout. I just did it. Even though I didn’t want to!

This morning I got up when my alarm went off and I was back to normal. I didn’t give into that moment of wanting to skip the workout. I went to Crossfit and crushed it. I had such a fantastic workout and when I was done I felt pumped!


Woot! And icing on the cake (or maybe I should use a more healthy saying…) was that when I got into my car my new fav song had just started playing! I rolled down my windows, blasted it, and sang along. ((Im sure the cars I passed must have thought I was on crack, or something. Ha.)) The lyrics are perfect for where I’m at in life right now. It’s crazy how much a song can get you pumped!

I’m waking up to ash and dust
I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
I’m breathing in the chemicals
I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse
I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Whoa oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive
I raise my flags, don my clothes
It’s a revolution, I suppose
We’re painted red to fit right in
I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse
I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Whoa oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive
All systems go, the sun hasn’t died
Deep in my bones, straight from inside
I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Whoa, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive


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